Welz Research Topics

A Series of Articles

by Craig Orkney

As I became involved in the construction of this site I had no idea that I was going to become involved in research about a company, that at the time I did not even really know made glass. Little did I know that around 2008 I would be provided an image of a piece of glass with an FWK label on it. A label attributed to Franz Welz Klostergrab. That example of glass sparked my curiosity, a curiosity which has evolved since then.

As a result of this, I have primarily focused on identifying the production, as accurately as possible, of a company I found little was really known about. My first attempts at researching the company uncovered that there was very little available information regarding the firm. Truitt I, Collectible Bohemian Glass 1880 - 1940, contained limited information and some images of what appeared to be early Welz production, unlike the labeled example I had seen. Additionally Das Böhmische Glas, the Passau Museum reference books, also contained a relatively small mention of the company. None of the references I found contained any information regarding their interwar production.

So with these minimal findings and a growing curiosity, I started a journey to see what I could uncover. The Welz section of this website is the result of the slowly progressing work on the subject. This has turned out to be a line of research which has been enlightening at times, and quite interesting all the time.

This "Research" section of the website is a small attempt on my part to try to share, and hopefully provide some insight, regarding some of the processes I have used to aid me in identifying Welz production. I hope that visitors to the site find the articles to be informative, and that it imparts a reasonable understanding of the research process I am employing to identify undocumented glass.

Please feel free to contact me through the contact information on the site with any concerns, suggestions or questions regarding my work.


Craig Orkney

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