Shape Libraries

In undertaking this project, one of the hurdles we faced was the lack of documentary evidence for most of the companies. As explained in the Visual Archeology and shape study pages it is necessary for us to rely heavily on the "libraries" of shapes used by the different houses. In some cases, shapes are quite similar, but in most cases the majority of shapes are unqiue to a house and may contain "details" which are exclusive to a house.

As a result of this we have chosen to compile image libraries of shapes for each house. We are not of the belief that we can document all shapes by any house, but as the library sizes increase, we feel they may help to narrow down the identification of a piece in a decor not seen before, or in a variant of a known decor.

The libraries will be sorted into shape groups which should help visitors to find a shape a little more easily. As an example, if we have 500 Kralik shapes, you can go to the bowls and compotes if your piece is of that family of shapes, avoiding the necessity to go through 500 images to see if your shape is there. Bear in mind when using these libraries of shapes, that there are some shapes used by different companies that are similar to each other, and within a company there will be variations in the same shape, depending on the artist who produced it.

As we find and identify new shapes we will be constatntly adding them to the site.