Ruckl Attributions and the Absence of Information on This Website.

August 10, 2017

In light of a new website now pointing out that there is no Ruckl information on this site, I have decided to post this statement indicating that this is is a conscious decision on my part, and provide users with some of the basic reasoning behind why I made that decision. It was not based on my lacking supportable research or available information on the subject.

In recent years, commencing in about 2012, there has been much in the way of controversial work on attributions relating to Ruckl production. I have personally posted some information in a collector's forum regarding this topic. The reason that there is no Ruckl section on this website is that I feel that any information posted in an effort to identify their production publicly would simply be seen by some as an attempt to offset some information found on the internet, much of which I personally feel is quite inaccurate and very misleading. I am certainly not one that wants to cover up or discredit valid and supportable research on Czech glass.

Instead of my becoming involved in a continued effort to dispel that information, I instead simply recommend that anyone finding Ruckl information on the internet use their best judgement in considering the logic used, and methods applied, to arrive at those attributions. In doing so, collectors will enable themselves to form their own personal conclusions regarding the validity of the work.

Respectfully, Craig Orkney