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Eddy Scheeper's Original Site. - A ground breaking website about Loetz and other Bohemian companies. Originally located at the URL

An untold number of hours at this website helped to spark my love of this glass and an interest in researching and collecting it. It is this website that served as an inspiration to create It was Eddy's passion for this glass that inspired me, and he has been a valuable contributor to this site also.

As of December of 2013 it has been announced that this website may not be functional at some point in the future. This is due to the discontinuation of Microsoft support for Frontpage, the platform used to develop the site.

Bohemian Glass & More - Warren Galle's Collection. A passionate and knowledgeable collector, and contributor to this site.

Loetz Glass - David Littlefield's collection. A passionate and knowledgeable collector, and contributor to this site.

Mad For Glass - The impressive and diversified collection of Rosa Maria Tomas. A contributor to this site.

Loetz by Tony Abbate - Tony Abbate's Images. Make sure and click the links to Flickr and Picasa. If you don't already love Loetz for their beauty and diversity, you will after viewing these pics. Outstanding examples of quality glass highlighted with exceptional photography.

The Glass Message Board - A fabulous free resource for the identification of, and learning about all types of collectible glass. Although they will work hard to help identify glass, they do not provide valuations.