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The attributions on this site are not written in stone, and we welcome any additional information, either documents or images of pieces, which will enable us to accurately identify any glass which has been erroneously classified. We do not claim to be infallible, and the empirical methods used to study much of this glass are always subject to change based on new findings. We use this venue for our findings, as the fluidity of a website allows us to make corrections in a timely manner where needed. Although we have used many books owned by many members of this group, almost all of the books on this subject contain attribution errors of all kinds. In many cases, information uncovered after publication of a book results in an attribution change which can not be corrected without a second publication. As a result of this, there are many pieces of glass which continue to be attributed incorrectly based on previously published information in books.

The fluidity of a website, allowing for immediate corrections, offers a flexibility not found with books. Additionally, the internet is free and the information can be shared with all collectors, and not just those that can afford to purchase reference books.

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