Site Founders & Group Members

It is impossible to list all of those involved in the creation of this site. The following is a partial list. These founding members were initially involved in the creation of this site, but as of 2011, the continued effort has been the personal work of the Webmaster.


Craig Orkney - Webmaster - USA

A long time collector of a variety of glass, with the greatest interest being the research and accurate identification of Bohemian glass ranging from the Art Nouveau to Art Deco periods. As a beginning collector using the internet extensively for research, I became increasingly frustrated with the lack of comprehensive reference sites for the identification of glass. Even with a limited knowledge of Bohemian glass I was frustrated with the rampant misidentification of glass for sale on the major internet venues. I was also disillusioned by the almost complete absence of information on some of the smaller Bohemian companies, and the abundance of interesting glass which could not be attributed. Initially, my greatest inspirations and sources of knowledge were the sites created by Eddy Scheepers and other members of this group.

As a result of this site and images seen in the process of creating it, I also developed a strong interest in the Production of glass by Franz Welz Klostergrab. Welz was, to that point in time, a little recognized company whose output was largely unknown. The research into the artistically unique production of Welz has become my primary area of glass research.


Eddy Scheepers - Belgium

A long time collector of Loetz, Mr. Scheepers is also the Webmaster of the groundbreaking website It was that provided me with some of my initial in depth understanding and appreciation of this glass. Eddy's inspirational and informative website, combined with the knowedge it has supplied and his input for this site, have helped me to build a solid foundation for the information presented here.


The following founding members appear in alphabetical Order:


Tony Abbate - USA

Tony is a long time collector and dealer of Loetz sparked by an early love of Art Nouveau. He has been an integral part of the founding group and has contributed some fabulous images of Loetz from both his sold inventory and his personal collection.


Tony Ellery - Switzerland

An English born collector living in Switzerland with a background in the Pharmaceutical industry. Initially educated and working as a Veterinarian, a marriage and move to Switzerland found him working in the Pharmaceutical industry to which he still provides consulting services. Primarily a collector of Loetz, Tony has helped to contribute by providing stimulating ideas and input to many of the group discussions.


Patti Ferguson - USA

Patti & her husband Gene have collected Czech glass for many years. Their interest in Czech glass stemmed from a collection of Czech pottery. Their huge, and diversified collection of glass has provided many missing pieces of information, and inadvertantly supplied a link that sparked Craig's interest in researching Welz products, and the extent of the Welz production. Without access to images of their expansive collection, and without Patti's enthusiastic desire to uncover more about this glass, the site would not be the same.


Warren Galle - USA

Warren's obscession with Bohemian glass is not limited to the houses we have shown on this site. His variety of interests have provided a diversified perspective to many discussions the group has had. His personal collection of glass is on the internet and a link to his site is provided on the useful links page. Warren's interest in studying and understanding this glass, combined with a strong desire to get attributions correct is an important reason he has been involved in this project from the onset.


Dr. Kai Hasselbach - Germany

Kai, having a background including some special fields such as nuclear chemistry, quantum chemistry, nuclear physics and technical chemistry, is an individual well suited to the study and research of this glass. Kai's contribution to the site has been tremendous, including both the massive supply of comparative images, and also technical observations regarding the glass and its production. With a primary interest in Loetz, and a strong interest in many other lines of glass, Kai has contributed to the site in many ways, including uncovering some previously unidentifed but documented Loetz decors.


Terry Jondahl - USA

Terry is a collector with a great interest in this glass. A transplant from Oregon to Arkansas in 2011, to be closer to family, he has contributed to the site since the beginning.


David Littlefield - USA

David's small claim to fame is an extra in the movie "Hair", a classic from a time long ago..... After a varied set of careers including being a fighter jet mechanic, a chimney sweep and a fireman, he retired from a position as a deputy chief of a fire department. His glass collecting career, which started early on with Pilgrim glass and other colorful small pitchers and vases landed, like the rest of us, with a deep passion for Bohemian glass. A link to David's website is also provided on the useful links page.


Mike Moir - UK

A refugee from the corporate world after about 25 years, Mike and his wife Debby turned a sideline hobby of selling antiques and glass into a full time career change around 2003. With an avid interest in Bohemian/ Czech glass, French glass and English glass, Mike has been a continued contributor of both interesting facts and fine examples of the glass. Mike has also written articles on French and Bohemian glass for several publications.


Jericho Mora - USA

A professional in the Hair Fashion industry Jericho ended up in R&D and product development with Wella. His collecting started at an early age and migrated from comics to marbles and eventually led him to Bohemian glass. His massive archive of glass images has contributed greatly to the understanding of this glass we are presenting on this site.


Wayne Pattinson - UK

After fairly "free spirit" beginnings, Wayne finally settled down with his wife and remains a design engineer at a high tech microwave firm in the UK. An interest in motorcycles had him restoring veteran and vintage British motorcycles in his "earlier life". I am personally jealous of his most recent project, a Norton restoration. His interest in Bohemian glass stemmed from collecting Art Nouveau era items, where he found he was purchasing more glass than anything else. He also has an enthusiasm for English Arts & Crafts. As with most involved in the group, his images of glass have been a great aid to this site.


Phillip & Anne Petrides - UK

After careers with British Telecom, Anne and Phillip started selling glass in a small local market. That enterprise quickly evolved to a stall at a London Antiques Fair, and they have continued learning and selling ever since. Always interested in learning about this glass, they have contributed since the initial formation of this group. ---------------------------------------------------------------

Deb Petersen - USA

A professional with a background in Real Estate and an intense interest in the research and understanding of Loetz.


Edna Schuligoj - USA

A collector and dealer with a varied interest, Edna has been involved since the formation of the group.


Rosa Maria Thomas - Spain

An advanced collector from Spain with a broad knowledge, Rosa Maria has an extensive collection of glass including a wide variety of Bohemian examples. There is a link to her personal collection website on the "Useful Links" page.


Alfredo Villanueva-Collado - USA

A collector and early researcher of Bohemian glass. His own website is listed in the "Useful Links" tab of the menu.


The following members are Listed in alphabetical order.


Robert Avery

Dan Duback

Richard Grove

Nick Gummer

Marty Hoenig

Erik Makelberg

Ivan Milovic

Ed Sawicki

Guy Steinmetz

Bob Stinton

Lawrence Taylor


In addition to the people listed above, there are an uncountable number of people who have contributed information and images to this site. There is a partial list of those individuals on the "Image Contributors" page. Those not listed there are people that contributed images and did not want to be recognized by name. To all of these people, we owe a debt of gratitude.