Contributing Images

The continued success and growth of this site is dependant on a wide variety of people. Included in that group are the visitors to this site. Any images of this type of glass are an asset to this site and are welcome. We have accumulated a large library of images, and we never know when a combination of images we have will lead us to a new attribution, or answer a question we have been pondering for a period of time.

The section on Welz, which has been a pet project of the webmaster, was sparked by a single image I received. That image sent me on a search to answer questions.... and the result was the identification of a large number of great decors by a previously little recognized company.

When contributing images, please add a note in the email indicating your name, city, state or province and country if you would like to be listed as an image contributor on the site.

Whether you wish to be listed or not, we appreciate your image contributions. They are an integral and absolutely necessary part of our project.

Please send any images you wish to contribute to: