Beranek 1941 - 1950

The top row of images are of Pulegoso examples which are cased in transparent glass. These pieces are quite uncommon.

Time constraints have prevented me from completing the shape ID and sizes for these pieces, but I wanted to get these shapes and decors up while I continued to work on the page.

Where I have been able to identify the shape from available line drawings, the shape number is provided, along with the year of production which is reflected in the shape number. As an example, shape 451 is the first design of 1945. Shape 4515 is the 15th design of the same year.

When it is known, the height of the piece is also provided. In some cases, like pieces are shown together in an effort to exhibit the differences that can be found in the same shape from the same period.

The thumbnail images below do not represent the sizes of the individual examples relative to each other.

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