Due to the fact that much of the information for Kralik, Pallme-Koenig, Rindskopf and Welz is based on empirical research, there is always room for both incorrect conclusions and changing information. Based on that, this site will most iikley have attriubtions that change from time to time. For an explanation of our methods and a list of resources please see the "Methodology" section of the site.

We will post attribution changes on a page with the date the change was made, a brief summary of the reason, and an image of the re-attributed piece, or the decor.

Items that can not be, in our opinion attributed conclusively, will be shown in the "Unidentifed" section of the site.

We are not claiming to be 100% correct 100% of the time, but unlike a book attribution, we can easily correct an attribution based on new information. We are very interested in making this site as interactive with visitors as possible.

Additionally, we welcome opinions and new information from visitors. Please contact us through the "Contact Info" page using the link which is most appropriate.